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Step 1: Do Nothing, Next .Gen Is Working For YOU!

No time to spend analysing the charts for hours?

We understand how time consuming and painstaking it can feel to learn how to become a consistent and profitable trader. It takes hours of studying the charts day in day out… but there's another way!

Using Technology to work smart and save time.

The benefits of Next .Gen

  • Free up your time with no chart analysis
  • Create your own unique trading strategies
  • No micro managing an open trade due to fear
  • No moving stop loss to break even prematurely
  • Fully automate / Semi automate your trading strategies
  • Improve and maintain a long term mindset
Step 2: Signal Receieved, Check Your New Signal.

Automated Trade Entries and exits including automated stop loss and take profit targets.

You don't have to enter trades manually, calculate lot sizes, or determine the optimal stop loss position. Net .Gen takes care of all these tasks instantly. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of a fully automated trailing stop loss feature designed to maximise your trading returns.

Refine your trading, elevate your mindset, and above all, optimise your results.

How does Next .Gen work?
  • Scans the market for high probabilty trades.
  • Equipped with confluence detection software.
  • Built-in trade management software and risk management protocols.
  • Executes, manages and closes trades on full automation.
Step 3: Signal Valid, Execute The Trade.

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£997 license fee then

£147 per month*

* No fix term contract. Cancel any time.

Next .Gen includes:
  • Full access to The Golden Suite platform
  • Next .Gen support chat room
  • Step by step tutorials on how to use Next .Gen (super simple)


  • Access to 4 x TGS Premium Strategies – usually £299
  • Get full access to the TGS Trading Suite Software

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